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Strategic Planning - RMRS By-Laws Wednesday, April 3, 2013
RMRS By-Laws
RMRS Objects 1

Strategic Initiatives for Rocky Mountain Rail Society

Late in 2011 your Board authorized a review of the Society by CenterPoint Calgary, now Volunteer Calgary, to evaluate how we could improve our operation. The tasks were done in two steps: a review of governance practices in early 2012 and then a redo of the Society's By-Laws later that year. Both of these are part of a Strategic Initiative to bring the Society into the 21st century and restructure our operations so we can better fulfill our purpose: Conserving & operating 6060 for future generations.

The consultant's report on Governance identified several challenges & shortfalls which were hindering our long term vision as a Society. The need for sustainable funding and a proper business model was also re-affirmed. The consultant recommended we shift to a more policy governance model of leadership and redo the By-Laws to reflect the changes in business and government regulations now in force. All this should help us be better connected to our purpose and membership.

The second task of rewriting By-Laws, completed this month, was presented and accepted unanimously by the Board at the March Board meeting. As a result, President Bill Williams has called for a

Special General Meeting of the Membership

to ratify our new By-Laws, with a tentative date of Saturday May 4th, 2013. We expect this meeting to be in Calgary but have not yet confirmed a time or venue. We will update this information on our website: or our Facebook page 'Rocky Mountain Rail Society - Engine 6060'.

The By-Laws & Society Objects are attached to this article for your perusal.

We sincerely hope all members will attend and participate in our future.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark McNair,

Director, I.T. & Strategic Initiatives

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