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The Rocky Mountain Rail Society regrets to advise that Steam Locomotive 6060, The Spirit of Alberta, will not be in service with Stettler-based Alberta Prairie Steam Tours during the 2012 season.  All steam excursions originally scheduled to be led by the 6060 will instead be pulled by Alberta Prairie’s Steam Locomotive #41.

Routine pre-season inspections conducted in May and June of this year led to the discovery of some potential issues within 6060’s boiler. Though it was initially anticipated that the required repairs would be minor in nature, further investigation and testing revealed that the problems are more severe than first thought. Portions of the 68 year-old crown sheet were found to have deteriorated beyond acceptable limits.  The RMRS has accordingly taken the difficult decision of removing the locomotive from active duty until the overall condition of the boiler can be thoroughly assessed and the defects repaired. 

The extent of the concern will be confirmed shortly through the verification of the test results by a second inspection firm.  After this, the Society will be in a position to finalize the scope of the repair project and determine budget requirements.  The costs are anticipated to be significant and external funding sources will likely be required.  The Rocky Mountain Rail Society is committed to reviving Canada’s largest operational steam locomotive and optimistically anticipates that she will be running again for the 2013 season. 

In the meantime, the Rocky Mountain Rail Society will continue to be active in the Stettler area. In addition to ongoing 6060 repairs and rolling stock maintenance, RMRS volunteers will be participating in stopover activities on selected Alberta Prairie excursion dates throughout the summer.


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