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6060 Statistics:
Type:4-8-2 (Mountain)
Length (with tender):93'
Height:15' 1 1/2 "
Operating Weight:637,540 lb.
Tractive Effort:52,500 lb. (No booster)
Driver Diameter:73"
Operating Pressure:260 psi
Cylinder Diameter:24"
Cylinder Stroke:28"
Valve Gear:Walschaert
Reversing Gear:Franklin Type E (air-operated)
Air Brake:26L
Fuel:Used, re-refined automobile oil
Tender Oil Capacity:5000 gal. (imp)
Tender Water Capacity:11000 gal. (imp)

6060 was built with an exhaust steam injector, located outboard of the fireman's side #4 driver. This was replaced in 1973 with a Hancock inspirator. In addition, 6060 has been fitted with ditch lights, both on the nose and on the tender, as well as a second dynamo to provide extra electrical power. The installation of an Alerter-Reset Safety Control device and speedometer is currently underway thanks to a generous donation by the North American Railway Foundation, and will be completed by the summer of 2009.